The digital asset that powers Decentralized AI development


EFX is the cryptographic token that fuels The Effect Network. It offers developers and organizations a reliable option to build, monetize and power AI solutions. EFX can be earned or bought and can be used in a decentralized ecosystem of AI related services.

Use Cases

For AI Development

Organizations use EFX to transact between a global human workforce to structure and enrich vast amounts of data on the Effect Force platform. Effect Force is the first decentralized micro-tasking platform for AI development.

For the Exchange of AI Services

AI developers accept EFX in exchange for their algorithms and AI related services on the Effect Smart Market. The Effect Smart Market is the first decentralized marketplace for AI powered apps.

For Computational Resources

Organizations use EFX in exchange for computational power to run their Deep Learning Frameworks with Effect Power. Effect Power is a distributed super-computer that any organization can tap into to run their AI framework without a single point of failure.


There are several ways to earn EFX

Perform tasks on the micro-tasking platform Effect Force
Become an Effect Force Worker

Offer a gateway to an algorithm or AI solution you have created on the Effect Smart Market
Participate in the Smart Market Beta

Rent out extra CPU/GPU to Effect Power. Your contribution will be part of the distributed pool that organizations can tap into to run Deep Learning Frameworks

Stake your EFX and collect NFX

EFX holders can stake tokens to improve their rank in The Effect Network. Achieving a high rank has many benefits, like vote casting, reward collection, and gaining privileges on the dApp level. All ranks are accompanied with a degree of responsibility in the Network and users are held accountable for their actions with the risk of losing their stake position – their value and the associated privileges. This means staking can be seen as a proof of commitment and is used as a primary quality measure in the network.

Vote with your NFX tokens

The Effect Network is governed by a democratic process where users can vote on key aspects of the network. The most important topics are the configuration of smart contracts and the allocation of Galaxy Pool funds. On the highest level is the Effect Council, its members are allowed to initiate new voting topics and have the highest voting weight.

The Effect Network
The TEN Protocol

At the core of The Effect Network (TEN) is a smart-contract based protocol. Developers are able to use the protocol to create their decentralized AI related services. This is an easy way to gain access to the directory of users, algorithms and compute nodes and the related staking and governance mechanisms of TEN.

TEN is powered by the EFX token and governed by the Effect Council.

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