A new way to train,
monetize and power
AI solutions

PHASE 1 Effect Force

Access to a global talent
of workers for
data annotations

Effect Force offers a unique solution, using a curated WorkForce to help organizations sort, structure and enrich vast quantities of data to create high quality training data for Machine Learning Solutions.

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PHASE 2 Effect Smart Market

Peer-to-peer marketplace to monetize algorithms
and AI related services

Effect Smart Market offers AI algorithms as a web-based service. This opens up the global AI market to all and offers an easy way to buy, sell and trade AI powered solutions with fast and reliable API access.


PHASE 3 Effect Power

Access to a distributed computing grid

Effect Power is a source of distributed computational power – a decentralized compute engine – capable of running popular deep learning frameworks based on frameworks like Caffe, MXNet and TensorFlow. This allows AI algorithms to run globally without a single point of failure.

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