Q3 2017
Decentralized Mechanical Turk (concept)
Decentralized Mechanical Turk (validation)
Decentralized Marketplace for AI (concept)
Distributed Compute for Algorithms (concept)
Q4 2017
Decentralized Marketplace for AI (validation)
Distributed Compute for Algorithms (validation)
Birth of the Effect.AI project: Hello World!
Concept and brand design
Q1 2018
Effect.AI incorporated/The Effect Network Foundation est.
EFX Token Sale
Q2 2018
Effect Mechanical Turk rebranded to Effect Force
Q3 2018
Effect.AI assists the Singapore government with satellite image tasks on Effect Force
Effect Force Impact HUB’s concept and validation
Effect.AI founding members join the EOS London Hackathon
Q4 2018
Effect Force Impact HUB’s pilot program with the United Nations
Effect Generic Templates released on Effect Force
Q1 2019
Effect.AI announces project migration from NEO to EOS
Introduction of the NFX governance token
Effect Smart Market Internal Alpha release
Q2 2019
Road Map 2.0 released
Technical migration of Effect Force from NEO to EOS
Effect Force Gamification (Leaderboards, Level ups, Achievement points, badges)
Effect.AI Universal Login
Effect Force open worker registrations
Various Effect Force qualification tasks released
Q3 2019
Effect Force Project X revealed
Effect Force mass marketing focus for NLP organizations
Effect Force sales and campaign
Rosette.AI Alpha
More EOS Nodes operational for Effect Force
Q4 2019
Effect Force Project X released
Rosette.AI released
Effect AI & Blockchain Centre in Georgia
Integrate Rosette.AI with Smart Market Beta
The Effect Network Council and Governance release
DAC worker proposals and voting mechanism established
Effect Dashboard 2.0 Released
Effect Smart Market 1.0 release
Effect Force mass marketing focus for Computer Vision organizations
Effect POWER 1.0 release
Effect Force API Integration with major providers (ex: MicroSoft, Google, AWS etc.)
Edge computing partners to join Effect Power to power the Effect Smart Market
Effect Power to integrate with IoT providers