Effect AI: Plans for 2024

Posted on 2024-03-15 by Jesse

Today, we're thrilled to bring forward the plans that Effect AI has in store for 2024. This year is bound to be a transformative one for Effect AI, as some of the most exciting and groundbreaking updates to the network in years are close on the horizon.

Let's dive right in. We will start by taking a look at the rebrand that was initiated by the DAO and has already been put in the works, as is evident from the website you are reading from right now. Then we will cover the most anticipated update: the arrival of Effect AI's new platform. In a couple of weeks, our workforce will be able to pre-register for the long-awaited V2 release, which embodies a significant iteration on every element of the platform. We will also go over the prospects of a migration to the Solana ecosystem. In the midst of all these transformative changes, our DAO takes center stage as a vital force in maintaining and nurturing our ecosystem. The DAO's role will continue to evolve, and we will discuss some major updates regarding it.

Looking ahead, we're excited to launch a series of ambitious long-term growth initiatives that will propel Effect AI to new heights. Stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead as we chart the course for Effect AI's evolution in 2024.

New Website & Rebrand

The decision to revert to our original identity, "Effect AI," was driven by Proposal #149 from the DAO. This shift allows us to provide clear messaging towards our target audience with a strong focus on the AI industry. It also represents a recommitment to our foundational values around decentralizing artificial intelligence.

Jeffrey has been hard at work revamping the website, giving it much needed love and attention. The goal is to position the website as the go-to hub for all things related to news, tutorials, documentation, and an anchor for those eager to become part of our dynamic ecosystem. A lot more updates will come out on this, so stay tuned!

V2 Release

The highly anticipated V2 release is in the final stages of preparation, and will completely revamp the experience of both developers and users. Among the key elements that V2 will introduce are:

  • Python SDK for convenient publishing and retrieval of datasets
  • Integrations with ML frameworks
  • Typescript Worker SDK
  • New smart-contract architecture that will facilitate thousands of concurrent annotations
  • Support for large and encrypted datasets
  • New and performant UIs for data annotation

With the V2 release we are doubling down on our commitment to developers, aiming to streamline their journey on the platform. Expect significant DX updates to our SDK, enabling developers to harness the power of our workforce with just three to five lines of code. The V2 release will see a slow roll out over the coming weeks, with an early access registration opening soon.

Solana Bridge

As many of you may have noticed, the community is discussing the exciting opportunity to integrate with the Solana ecosystem. Solana has quickly emerged as a thriving hub for both DePIN and AI projects, making it an ideal choice for Effect AI's expansion. The Effect AI team has experience and strong connections within the Solana ecosystem, which opens up a world of possibilities for strategic partnerships and collaborations with like-minded projects, and helps us push the boundaries of decentralized and transparent AI.

Following the V2 release, a working group will be established to focus on the bridge that enables EFX token utilities on Solana. This bridge will pave the way for the migration of many utilities to the Solana ecosystem over time. The details of this migration path will soon be published in a DAO proposal for discussion and refinement, and we are more than excited to hear your input.

Major DAO & Protocol Updates

Next to the roll out of the V2 network, there will be a focus on the DAO's evolution. The DAO has been increasingly engaged when it comes to the development and operation of the network. At this point, ATPs have matured and community members will be able to contribute on core protocol upgrades. To formalize this, we will introduce the concept of Working Groups around specific topics of interest:

  • Improved staking & rewards system
  • Stabilizing rewards with a G-EFX system
  • Marketing and partnerships

These working groups aim to streamline operations and better serve the EFX community.

Mobile app

This has been on the agenda for a long time, but the wait is almost over. Once V2 is running seamlessly, Effect will finally be able to provide a work-from-anywhere experience with the development of a mobile app.

Imagine the convenience of completing simple tasks and training AI models from anywhere, at any time. With the mobile app, this vision becomes a reality. Being on your morning commute or taking a break at the park, you'll have the power to contribute to the ecosystem and earn on the go.

Join us!

We hope you are excited for all the milestones that are lined up over the coming months. If you would like to join our efforts in building the largest data network for AI-training, we recommend that you join our DAO, and follow us on socials to get alerted when the V2 registrations open.