The Effect Network

Accelerating Tech for Good

We’re a bunch of innovators obsessed with the fair distribution of
technology to better humanity

We believe

If we look at the world of developing, and thus implementing disruptive technologies, we – at Effect.AI – believe in the circular distribution of these powerful assets. Beyond that, we aim to develop tech for good – technology that supports transparency, equality and opportunity for as many people and organizations around the world.

Our pillars for
positive change

Currently, a majority of the resources and talent in AI is controlled by a handful of powerful companies. The companies and governments that achieve breakthroughs in AI development will possess a tremendous competitive advantage.

Decentralizing the development and distribution of AI development pushes back against an undesirable concentration of power in the hands of a couple of large corporations.

To develop and improve algorithms you require high quality training data. We need humans to structure and label this data so that you can train your algorithm to make the impact you need.

Hence, we:

  • Make sure AI development is distributed equally
  • Create fairly paid jobs around the world 
  • Help create algorithms that solve the world’s pressing challenges

Our Purpose

What if you could save thousands of people by preventing deforestation and its repercussions like mud floods, which can result in thousands of households being washed away? What if you could deploy food distribution more effectively and efficiently in post-war zones? What if you could help to stop the rapid spread of a disease? Together with the humanitarian and environmental organizations we work with, we have dedicated ourselves to contribute to solving these questions and many more with the power of AI, while creating fairly paid jobs around the globe at the same time.

AI for good

The infrastructure of our decentralized technology enables AI development to be distributed equally and globally. Our focus is to help those with the ideas of how to make the world a better place and turn their ideas into reality.

Humanity first

We help to train groundbreaking algorithms that contribute to solving the world’s pressing challenges.

A circular economy

We create fair paid jobs around the world via the application of blockchain technology. This allows us to connect AI developers with a human workforce in order to create lasting positive change that benefits the planet and everyone on it.

Our Dedication

Effect.AI’s efforts pay off by contributing to humanitarian organizations, governments and other not-for-profits, empowering them to use their data effectively, enabling the use of Artificial Intelligence to support the impact of their initiatives.

Solution for impact

Our first solution, Effect Force, creates training data for your algorithm with the help of our global human workforce. We pay the workforce a fair fee and aim to create favorable conditions, which sets us apart in the micro-tasking world ran by the large conglomerates.   

Effect Social Impact Hubs

A big concern about AI is the issue whether AI will take jobs away from humans. The Effect Social Impact Hubs are designed to have the opposite effect. The initiative is aimed at offering fair employment opportunities. Too often we hear of poor working conditions, low wages and low challenging work. The Effect Social Impact Hubs are designed to facilitate work on AI related tasks in a safe environment, but more importantly this space will offer members access to high tech accelerated learning and cultural arts programs.

How it works

Define your task

Whether you need text analysis, document transcription or image annotations: Effect Force and our workers have you covered. Instruct the workforce exactly what you wish them to complete and POW! You get enriched, structured and usable data.

Setup The Force

Curate the exact workforce that fits your needs. Whether you need workers who understand a specific language, a certain age demographic, or have highly specific skills, Effect Force has the workers you need to get the highest quality results fast and accurate.

Get your results

Whether you get results from a one off batch of tasks or have an ongoing workforce as part of “the-human-in-the-loop” of your Machine Learning algorithm, you always have access to a highly detailed dashboard that presents your results.

Make a difference

Use your AI solutions to solve the world’s pressing challenges and make the future a brighter place.

Phase 01

Effect Force creates fairly paid micro-tasking jobs around the globe

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