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We’re a bunch of innovators obsessed with the fair distribution of technology to better humanity

We Believe

If we look at the world of developing, and thus implementing disruptive technologies, we – at Effect.AI – believe in the circular distribution of these powerful assets. Beyond that, we aim to develop tech for good – technology that supports transparency, equality, and opportunity for as many people and organizations around the world.

AI for Good
The infrastructure of our decentralized technology enables AI development to be distributed equally and globally. Our focus is to help those who aim to make the world a better place and turn their ideas into reality.

Humanity First
We help to train groundbreaking algorithms that contribute to solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

A Circular Economy
We create fairly paid jobs around the world via the application of blockchain technology. This allows us to connect AI developers with a human workforce in order to create a lasting positive change that benefits the planet and everyone on it.
Effect AI & Blockchain Center

In collaboration with the United Nations, the Effect Network Foundation launched the very first Effect AI & Blockchain Center on January 15th, 2020 in the Georgian city of Rustavi. The Center is in partnership and collaboration with the UNDP, The Rustavi Innovation Hub, and the Dutch enterprise Effect.AI The Effect Network Foundation aims to start similar initiatives in developing nations all over the world.

Effect AI & Blockchain Center

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