A Better Future with AI

Enabling a better future by working with national and international regulators and policymakers

AI has the potential to change the world for the better. Active engagement with policymakers and regulators enables a lasting beneficial impact on society. The mission of the Effect Foundation is to advance understanding of AI, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing within nations.

Tech for Good
Effect Social Impact Hubs

The Effect foundation is dedicated to start Effect Social Impact Hubs in developing nations all around the world. These hubs allow disadvantaged citizens to work on Effect Force and educate themselves. By creating work through Effect Force in developing nations, the Effect Foundation provides a stable income for those in need.

UN Social Impact Hub
Pilot Program

In collaboration with the UN, the Effect foundation is running a pilot Effect Social Impact Hub program in Georgia. Together, we created stable work on Effect Force for Georgian students without income. This provides them with the opportunity to stay enrolled, learn, and make a living. The Effect foundation aims to start similar initiatives in developing nations all over the world.

Start an Effect Force Social Impact Hub initiative


Engagement with
policymakers and

With the support of institutional and corporate members, the Effect Foundation is dedicated to the adoption of blockchain technology and AI, by means of engaging with regulators and policymakers. We work with leading innovators across the blockchain and AI space to contribute to the implementation of AI in society that protects public interest.

Get in touch with our regulatory affairs team to learn more or discuss how we can create partnerships that will have a lasting impact on the global AI ecosystem.