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The next big shift:
Artificial Intelligence

The Effect Network is a framework for Artificial Intelligence that empowers AI development for enterprise solutions. Artificial Intelligence is considered a key component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Over the next decade, the AI industry will grow exponentially and cause the biggest technological shift we have ever seen.

AI to drive GDP gains of $15.7 trillion with productivity and personalisation improvements.

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Enterprise-grade Features


With our unique way of micro-tasking, our thousands of workers can complete many tasks concurrently.


Our quality control systems are a combination of smart AI services and human validators to make sure the accuracy is at least 99%.


We have a strict confidentiality policy with our workers. If needed, our workers can sign your custom NDA.


Our generic data structuring platform can handly any type of task you might have. Connect to our API to get continuous real-time access to the Force.

Start your AI Initiative

AI implementation is a long journey. By starting today you prepare for the next major technology shift in your industry. Repetitive tasks within organizations are the ideal starting point for implementing AI automation. By starting small and scaling up, you can build a solid foundation to bring value to your organization and your end-users.

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A unified platform to build automation pipelines with a Human touch.
Effect Force is revolutionizing the way we build and deploy AI into our business processes.
Our thousands of workers that speak 25+ languages can do all your data science tasks at scale.

A few ways our clients use Effect Force:
Custom integrations to fit your Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Data Structuring initiatives. Unfortunately, 80% of all business-relevant data remains unstructured, rendering it useless for Artificial Intelligence. Tap into the easiest, most scalable way to collect and structure your data and implement Artificial Intelligence systems within your company.

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Case Studies

Our Clients

With nearly 8 million tasks completed, we know our business. We proudly serve many clients worldwide, including young innovative startups and large global enterprises from a wide range of industries.

Our generic, optimized platform can meet everyone's unique needs, adapting from small, on-demand tasks to high-touch, fully managed solutions.

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