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Effect.AI is a Dutch project founded in 2017 with the aim to decentralize AI development. The goal of the company is to make AI development accessible and affordable to everyone. This is done by the creation of The Effect Network.
Effect Force
Effect Force is a decentralized micro-tasking platform for high quality, human-annotated data that can be used in artificial intelligence models and business processes. The global workforce on-demand can transform text, image, audio, and video into customized high-quality training data. Effect Force is specialized in handling a vast quantity of data while ensuring high quality. You can curate a custom workforce with specific talents and skill sets. All data annotations are passed through a validation system that ensures the best possible quality.
Effect Translate
We utilize a global network of translators who have been vetted to provide high-quality translations. Our translators have passed testing for their specific language pair and their work is closely monitored for quality. We utilize a rigorous system of review and quality checks.
YouTube Subtitles
Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be processed. Orders placed on weekends, special promotions, and holidays may take additional processing time due to increased order volume.
The Effect Foundation
The Effect Foundation is the part of Effect.AI that has made creating a global beneficial impact it’s priority as AI has the potential to change the world for the better. The mission of the Effect Foundation is to advance understanding of AI, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing within nations, and to aim to develop tech for good – technology that supports transparency, equality, and opportunity for people and organizations around the world.
EFX Token
EFX is the digital asset that powers The Effect Network. EFX offers developers and organizations a reliable, instant option to build, monetize, and power AI solutions.
Effect Smart Market
The Effect Smart Market is a peer-to-peer marketplace for artificial intelligence algorithms. It offers a web-based service that opens up the global AI market to all. It is the easiest way to buy, sell and trade AI-powered solutions with fast and reliable API access. The Effect Smart Market has search and explore functionality, allowing developers to find the algorithms they need. This empowers small businesses with a powerful toolkit of algorithms.
Effect Power
Effect Power is a source of distributed computational power that can be used to run AI algorithms. Effect Power is structured as an open market place where users rent out spare CPU/GPU cycles to a global computing pool. Developers can tap into this to run their algorithms. This means the algorithms can run without a single point of failure. Effect Power will initially support popular deep learning frameworks like Caffe, MXNet, and TensorFlow.

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