What is Effect.AI?
Effect.AI is a Dutch project founded in 2017 with the aim to decentralize AI development. The goal of the company is to make AI development accessible and affordable to everyone. This is done by the creation of The Effect Network.
What is The Effect Network?
The Effect Network is an inclusive network that incentivizes participation and collaboration in AI development around the world. It is an open protocol that is built on blockchain technology. The Network consists of AI related dApps that are connected to the same Smart Contract stack. The Smart Contracts that make up The Effect Network include the EFX token, a staking and governance model and several user directories. Effect.AI is building three initial decentralized applications for the development of AI: Effect Force, Effect Smart Market and Effect Power. Developers can tap into the resources available through these dApps, such as a global directory of workers, AI services, and compute resources. The Effect Network is powered by the EFX utility token.
What can I do with The Effect Network?

Organizations and AI developers can access Effect Force, Effect Smart Market and Effect Force to build, monetize and run AI algorithms.
Developers can use The Effect Network to build decentralized applications.

The Effect Network can be used to earn EFX tokens by:

  • Performing tasks on the microtasking platform Effect Force
  • Becoming an Effect Ambassador and contributing to the overlying goals of the project.
  • Offering a gateway to an algorithm or AI solution you have created on the Effect Smart Market.
  • Renting out extra CPU/GPU to Effect Power. Your contribution will be part of the distributed pool that organizations can tap into to run their algorithms.
  • EFX holders can stake their tokens to get more privileges and participate in the network governance.
Why create a decentralized network for AI?
Artificial Intelligence is considered a key component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Over the next decade the AI industry will grow exponentially and cause the biggest technological shift we have ever seen. Currently, a majority of resources and talent is controlled by a handful of powerful companies. The companies and governments that achieve breakthroughs in AI will posses a tremendous competitive advantage. We want to push back against this centralization of AI development by putting the potential of AI in the hands of all. The Effect Network allows everyone to gain affordable access to necessary tools for the development, exchange, and powering of AI algorithms. Decentralizing the development and distribution of AI pushes back against the undesirable concentration of power.
What is the Galaxy Pool?

The Galaxy Pool is the source of liquidity and stability for dApp developers and users. It is an integral part of The Effect Network  It is comprised of three main features:

  1. The internal exchange: A stability and liquidity DEX exclusively to service the users of The Effect Network. EFX tokens that have functioned as fuel for the network can be traded for more stable currencies.
  2. Fee Collection: Fees from the The Effect Network will be collected and processed in the Galaxy Pool. This pool will be partially diversified, distributed or burned depending on the policy set by the Council.
  3. Transaction costs: The Galaxy Pool covers the transaction costs and staking requirements of the host blockchain for connected applications.

Effect Force

What is Effect Force?
Effect Force is a decentralized microtasking platform for high quality, human-annotated data that can be used in artificial intelligence models and business processes. The  global workforce on-demand can transform text, image, audio and video into customized high quality training data. Effect Force is specialized in handling a vast quantity of data while ensuring high quality. You can curate a custom workforce with specific talents and skill sets. All data annotations are passed through a validation system that ensures the best possible quality.
What can I use Effect Force for? Use-cases
Effect Force offers a wide arrange of data structuring services, ranging from image classification, audio transcription, sentiment analysis and more. Check out the Effect Force website for an overview of possibilities.
For example, the sentiment analysis solution provides you with insights into the sentiment and the success of your marketing strategies.
How do I incorporate Effect Force into my active learning models?
Effect Force can be used in an active learning model. Using a human-in-the-loop can greatly increase the accuracy of AI algorithms while decreasing the amount of data that needs to be annotated, making it an efficient deep learning training method.
You can contact us to discuss how Effect Force can be implemented in your active learning model.

Effect Smart Market

What is the Effect Smart Market?
The Effect Smart Market is a peer-to-peer marketplace for artificial intelligence algorithms. It offers a web-based service that opens up the global AI market to all. It is the easiest way to buy, sell and trade AI powered solutions with fast and reliable API access. The Effect Smart Market has search and explore functionality, allowing developers to find the algorithms they need. This empowers small businesses with a powerful toolkit of algorithms.
Who can use the Effect Smart Market?
Anyone who developed an AI algorithm will be able to offer it on the Effect Smart Market and anyone can buy or rent that algorithm. This means developers, organizations and universities can offer their AI solutions to each other. Please refer to the roadmap for information about release dates.
What is the release date of the Effect Smart Market?
The Effect Smart Market is still in development. Look at our roadmap to check the expected release date.

Effect Power

What is Effect Power?
Effect Power is a source of distributed computational power that can be used to run AI algorithms. Effect Power is structured as an open market place where users rent out spare CPU/GPU cycles to a global computing pool. Developers can tap into this to run their algorithms. This means the algorithms can run without a single point of failure. Effect Power will initially support popular deep learning frameworks like Caffe, MXNet and TensorFlow.
What is the release date of Effect Power?
Effect Power is still in development. Look at our roadmap to check the expected release date.

The Effect Foundation

Why did you chose Georgia for a Social Impact Hub?
Georgia has a high unemployment rate for recent graduates and many impoverished citizens. Through established connections within the Georgian government, and in collaboration with the UN, we were able to gain a lot of support for our Social Impact Hub initiative in Georgia.
What is the Effect Foundation?
The Effect Foundation is the part of Effect.AI that has made creating a global beneficial impact it’s priority as AI has the potential to change the world for the better. The mission of the Effect Foundation is to advance understanding of AI, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing within nations, and to aim to develop tech for good – technology that supports transparency, equality, and opportunity for people and organizations around the world.
What are Effect Social Impact Hubs?
The Effect foundation is dedicated to start Effect Social Impact Hubs in developing nations all around the world. These hubs allow disadvantaged citizens to work on Effect Force and educate themselves. By creating work through Effect Force in developing nations, the Effect Foundation provides a stable income for those in need.
What is the UN Social Impact Hub pilot program?
In collaboration with the UN, the Effect foundation is running a pilot program in Georgia. Together, we created stable work on Effect Force for Georgian students without income. This provides them with the opportunity to stay enrolled, learn, and make a living. The Effect foundation aims to start similar initiatives in developing nations all over the world.


What is EFX?
EFX is the digital asset that powers The Effect Network. EFX offers developers and organizations a reliable, instant option to build, monetize and power AI solutions.
How to swap NEO/EFX for EOS/EFX?
There will be a guide coming soon with a detailed explanation on how to swap your NEO/EFX tokens for EOS/EFX tokens.
Which wallet should I use?
To use EFX on NEO you will need a wallet with NEP5 support. We recommend using the Neon Wallet or an official wallet listed on https://neo.org/client. Remember to always keep save backup of your private key.
How can I buy EFX?
You can buy EFX on the switcheo exchange.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions