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Unleash the Power of a Global Workforce

A collection of resources for joining the Effect AI ecosystem. By developers for developers.

Get Started With The SDK

The Effect AI SDK offers a collection of tools and libraries that developers can use to build applications on top of the Effect Network protocol.


Install the @effect-network SDK

Create a new instance of the EffectClient and connect to the jungle testnet.

Tutorials & Guides

coming soon

Final Check of AI-Generated Transcription

This tutorial will show how to use Effect Force to peform a final check of AI generated transcriptions

Finetuning GPT with data structured by Effect Force

This tutorial will show how to create a finetuned GPT model with data that's quality checked by Effect Force

Getting started with the Effect Node SDK

This tutorial will show how to get started with the Effect AI SDK


You can start playing with Effect Force in your browser using our online sandboxes: Open on StackBlitz



Join the Effect AI development effort by contributing to one of the open-source projects on the public Effect repositories.

Explore Github

SDK Documentation

Connect your applications to Effect Force to access a global human workforce or learn more about other dApps like EffectDAO.

Explore Documentation

Effect Whitepaper

Read the original Effect Whitepaper for a technical and mathematical description of Effect AI.

Technical Whitepaper