The EFFECT Network

Introducing the 3 phase release of The Effect Network
Powered by the NEO Blockchain

Phase 1
The first phase of The Effect Network will be an interactive marketplace for tasks that require human intelligence. A Decentralized Mechanical Turk called Effect Force. It allows anyone in the world to perform a wide range of tasks and receive fair payment. It will give AI developers and businesses access to a large workforce of human intelligence to train AI algorithms. When a worker completes a task, they are paid with with a network NEP-5 token.
Phase 2
EFFECT Smart Market
The Effect AI Smart Market is a decentralized platform where people can offer and buy AI services. This phase is a natural progression of the network. It will be an open marketplace for offering AI Algorithms as a service. This marketplace or exchange is where AI developers with a functional Algorithms can sell, rent or give out its service for a simple and easy payment with the Effect token. Each Algorithm will have its own wallet to allow for easy acceptance of transactions. Also within this marketplace, Algorithms have the ability to communicate and collaborate with other algorithms and and purchase services from each other.
Phase 3
The last phase provides a decentralized, distributed computational platform that will run popular deep learning frameworks. The Effect decentralized compute engine is based on popular deep-learning networks like Caffe, MXNet and Tensor flow. We want to distribute the computational power of all AI so there is not this one point of weakness. We can do this through partnerships with projects like Golem with their Super computer or create the framework ourselves.

Explainer Video

What is Effect.AI?

Train your Algorithm
with EFFECT Force

Tasks on the blockhain defined by smart contracts

As an Effect Requester, you can put tasks on the Effect Force platform to be completed by workers. You can decide how much cryptocurrency the workers will get for each completed task. Next, retrieve the results from the Effect Force platform and use these results to, for example, train their AI algorithm. Effect Force gives you access to an on-demand, scalable and distributed workforce.

The Effect Network in Action

The Effect Network will maintain a decentralized exchange with a pool of tokens to provide liquidity, encourage adoption of The Effect Network and stabilize network fees. This pool is called the Galaxy Pool and consists of a mix of EFX, NEO and GAS and possibly other tokens. Several rules will drive the Galaxy Pool towards an equilibrium balance. These rules can later be refined by means of governance.
The Galaxy Pool ensures stable exchange rates for users of the platform at all times. The Galaxy Pool is not suitable for day traders, as only Galaxy token (G-token) can be bought or given to platform requestors and can not be traded off the platform. The G-token is converted into regular tradable token by spending it through an Effect service contract. These are the service contracts from the tasks and service registry. This protects the Galaxy Pool from external manipulation and keeps exchange rates stable for workers and service providers.